Dec 2 2014 is for sale.

$500 or best offer

Please email me if interested

Jul 18 2014

The Thirsty Belgian opens in former Jabbers location


Apr 26 2014

iStar Burgers & Fries opens in former Chinese Restaurant on 7th Street NW

2014-04-25 08.32.31

Apr 24 2014

Avocados on South Broadway is closed


Mar 27 2014

Taco Bell in Rochester now serving breakfast

tb break2

tb breakfast

Dec 24 2013

Azteca Mexican Restaurant is moving to the Miracle Mile



Azteca will be taking over the Bilotti’s / Paradise Pete’s location.

Nov 16 2013

Dunkin Donuts coming to Rochester

DD will be going into the new building that replaced the old Burger King in NW Rochester

Journalists, please be fair and cite the source of your information.


Oct 14 2013

Paradise Island becoming Smokehouse BBQ Shack



Oct 9 2013

Texas Roadhouse Grand Opening is October 28

Opens at 4:00 PM

Phone number is 507-286-7427trh-logo2

Sep 5 2013

Pearl – a Chinese & Japanese Hibachi Restaurant opened today at Barlow Plaza

Sep 5 2013

Lazeez is now open at Apache Mall


Sep 3 2013

Inside the new Co-op



Sep 3 2013

Rochester Food Co-op Grand Opening


Aug 20 2013

Here is what is planned to replace the Burger King in NW Rochester

bk replacement

what it looks like now:

former bk

Aug 18 2013

New Chinese & Japanese Hibachi Grill coming to Barlow Plaza

Aug 16 2013

Avocados Mexican and American Grill is now OPEN

telephone (507) 258-5013

Jul 15 2013

Two new businesses coming to South Rochester – Posh and Camy Couture



Both stores are in the Shops on Maine area. Posh is a Med Spa and Camy Couture is “an exciting and unique women’s retail franchise.”

Jul 11 2013

Great China Restaurant closed

great china

Jul 5 2013

Former Far East Fusion becoming a Thai Restaurant called Sook Dee Thai

2013-07-05 11.08.58

Jul 5 2013

Former Flowerama is becoming another Carousel Flowers

2013-07-05 10.22.46

Jun 29 2013

RochesterFest Parade

Mayor BredeC everrett koop

Mayor Brede and a special appearance by C. Everett Koop, Jr.

Jun 29 2013

MN Disc Dog Club presents June Dog Jam

dog jump (2)

dog jump

Jun 26 2013

Far East Fusion is closing

Far East Fusion is closing its doors soon.  Luckily, it will re-open as a food court in the 100 First Food Court near Macs in downtown Rochester.



Jun 18 2013

Ground has been broken for the Texas Roadhouse Steak Restaurant


Jun 3 2013

The Pedal Pub has arrived


Jun 3 2013

New Apple Store coming to Rochester – MacMan





Based on the job opportunities posted on its website, it appears MacMan will be opening a store in Rochester in the near future.  They are based in Eau Claire, WI.



May 31 2013

Potbelly getting closer…the sign is up


May 20 2013

BB King at Mayo Civic Center

2013-05-19 22.04.51



My wife and I saw Mr. King last night in concert at the MCC.  We had seen him roughly 20 years ago at the Guthrie in Minneapolis , and it remains one of the best concerts of my life.

When I bought the tickets for last night’s show, I knew I wasn’t going to get a show that equaled the one at the Guthrie.  I realize Mr. King is 87 years old, and couldn’t possibly perform like he did twenty years ago, but what I saw last night was a disappointment.

Mr. King spent the majority of the concert telling stories and having conversations with the first row of the audience.  That’s not what I paid for, but to make things worse, I was unable to make out what he was saying.  His mic was not properly amplified.  The soundboard operator wasn’t qualified to operate cardboard.  Later in the show, a trumpet solo went without the mic on at all.

Mr. King didn’t play/sing many songs.  The only real signature song he performed was The Thrill is Gone.  Instead, he played songs like You are my Sunshine.  He attempted to reference Rochester in one of his songs, but couldn’t remember what city he was performing in.  He recalled he was in Minnesota, but when a band member told him he was in Rochester he said, “That sounds like New York.”

I’m glad I got to see Mr. King one last time, but I had hoped for more.

May 16 2013

Tonic Restaurant and Juice Bar coming to Rochester across from St. Marys

2013-05-16 12.56.01Tonic is going into the former Hornito’s location across from St. Marys on 2nd Street.


May 5 2013

Another Closing – This time it’s Flowerama on S. Broadway


May 1 2013

Home Federal on 55th Street has closed


Apr 30 2013

Mysore is soon to be no more

The Mysore Indian restaurant at 1647 S. Broadway, Rochester is going to be “Avocados Mexican & American Grill”mysore

Apr 29 2013

Jabbers Food and Spirits is open on South Broadway


Apr 18 2013

Is Mayo being treated fairly by the Mn legislature?

I would like to respond to the recent criticism from the legislature and the media regarding comments made by Drs. Noseworthy and Narr.  Dr. Noseworthy’s remark that 49 other states would like to be home to the Mayo Clinic is accurate.  What state wouldn’t want tens of thousands of high paying jobs?  Dr. Narr’s observation of the Minnesota Legislature’s willingness to offer millions of dollars of incentives to a, literally unknown, company in contrast to the resistance the DMC proposal has received is relevant and significant.


Some in the legislature and media have called these comments “arrogant,” “threatening,” and even “attacks.”  These critics have parlayed these straightforward comments into a portrayal of Mayo as a spoiled child that is used to getting its way and not ever being told “no.”  Really?  Does Mayo deserve such criticism?


The reality is that the Mayo Clinic is one of the world’s most admired institutions.  It has been a loyal and generous organization creating goodwill in Minnesota for over 150 years.  It’s the largest private employer in the state.  And although it would make more sense logistically for Mayo to relocate to to a major city to realize its plans for growth, Mayo chose to grow in Rochester.


What did Mayo receive in return for its unselfish loyalty?  Let’s just say it wasn’t the open arms and checkbook reception that the “secret” biotech company got from the legislature and governor.


Mayo proposed a fair, but complicated, plan that redirected a small portion of Mayo-generated taxes back to the City of Rochester so that public infrastructure could be built to keep up with Mayo’s planned growth.  The Minnesota Legislature quickly discarded Mayo’s plan and immediately started making demands.  The politicians didn’t want any Mayo staff on the board that would distribute funds, it wanted more state control, more local taxes, the plan must be included in omnibus bill, etc.  The tone of the debate even got so low that some legislators resorted to insults calling Rochester boring.  Really?  What has Mayo done to deserve such ill will?


In typical Mayo fashion, The Clinic’s response to this unwarranted contempt has been very restrained.  Despite being treated by the legislature like a stray dog begging for scraps, Mayo has taken the high road and has persevered in trying to work out a reasonable DMC plan.


This aggressive approach by the legislature is not only unmerited, but in the long run, very dangerous.  The reality is that Mayo holds the ultimate trump card.  If the legislature decides to throw Mayo table scraps, Mayo may just reject the deal and move out of state.  That’s not a threat, it’s a reality.  A reality the legislature isn’t properly factoring into its rancorous negotiating and posturing.


If, and when, Mayo states its intention to start growing at one of its other campuses, the legislators will be tripping over each other in trying to find ways to incentivize Mayo to stay in Minnesota.  But will it be too late?

Mar 19 2013

Pappy’s Place is now open!

Check out their Facebook page.pappy  Let me know if you have been there and what you think.

Feb 28 2013



I went to Tilly’s Tavern a couple Fridays ago and had the best fried fish of my life.

Jan 26 2013

Chatfield Polar Plunge 2013

DSC_0035 DSC_0036 DSC_0037 DSC_0049

Jan 5 2013

Queen City Cafe in the Post Bulletin’s Answer Man Column

queen city

Here is a coaster from the Queen City Cafe.

Jan 4 2013

I wonder who this truck’s owner will be rooting for Saturday night.



Rochester’s biggest Packer fan.

Jan 4 2013

Did you know you can buy cheese at AMPI?

july  Rochester 051


The other day I was taking a “short cut” through AMPI’s parking lot when I noticed a sign for their company store.  I decided to take a look at what they had to offer.  The store is about the size of a walk in closet, but what it lacks in size it makes up for with value.  I bought a piece of the Extra Sharp Cheddar for a little over $3, and I was very pleased with it.

Check it out and post a comment with your thoughts.

Jan 4 2013

Another Think Bank in SW?


Today I saw a sign announcing that a new Think Bank is being built on the site of the former Mugby Junction site on Greenview Dr. SW.  This new location is less than a mile away from the current Think Bank on the other end of Greenview Dr. SW.  Is Think closing the existing location, or are they planning on having two banks within walking distance?

Why do they need so many locations anyway?  I, and I assume most people, do the vast majority of my banking online.  I think building more physical bank locations in the online era is a waste of money.



Nov 3 2012

Deluxe Court Cabins and Apartments

Nov 3 2012

A.C. Burgan’s D-X Service

Nov 3 2012

The Hub Freeman and Forselius

Nov 3 2012

Finne’s Family Restaurant

Nov 3 2012

Hollywood Bar & Cafe Matches

Nov 3 2012

The Hotel Martin

Nov 3 2012

Le Roy Shane Inc. Indian Trader

Nov 3 2012

Reeve’s Drug Store Matches

Nov 3 2012

1940 Transit Pass